herbicide application

What is herbicide application?

Herbicide application is an effective tool to manage invasive plants. If applied correctly it will suppress these unwanted invasive plants and not directly disturb soil structure.

Herbicide Re-sprout Treatments

Herbicide application is followed by herbicide re-sprout treatments. Because after forestry mowing invasive plants re-sprout. And if left untreated these invasive plants will continue to suppress the regeneration of native plants.

Foliar Herbicide

Foliar application of herbicide, or foliar herbicide for short, will kill the re-sprouts of these invasive plants. You have to give the invasive plants a little time to re-sprout so you can kill them with herbicide.

There are many different types of herbicides depending on the re-sprout. We can identify all invasive plants, and provide you with a management plan to stop the plants from re-sprouting. And to do so we will first assess the land and then provide a treatment plan for it. We can also work with your local forester or county agent.

Wherever Needed

We apply herbicide wherever it is needed and whatever needs to be treated, on the farm or in the forest, on private or public land, on the prairie or savannah.

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